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Additional cashback valid over and above the best available price at the store. 

* Terms and conditions apply. Additional cashback offer of Rs 10,000 is valid at select stores on all EMI transactions made under Brand EMI on Pine Labs terminals using ICICI Bank Credit Cards. This cashback is only applicable on exchange transactions done under this offer. ICICI Bank cashback shall be credited on or before 90 business days from the date of transaction on a best effort basis to all open and active card members only. For detailed terms and conditions, log on to Limited period offer and may be revised and withdrawn without prior notice. 

Exchange value available on iPhone 6s, iPhone 6s Plus, iPhone 7, iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus and select Android devices in working condition with normal signs of usage, without any physical damage, and with all accessories. For eligible device list please see table below. Limited period offer and may be revised and withdrawn without prior notice. Actual exchange value will vary basis make, model and assessment of your old device that meet the following criteria

  1. Device should switch on and be in working condition. Device should boot to home screen
  2. Screen should be intact with no cracks, lines, heavy scratches, discoloration and blemishes and touch should be working properly
  3. The device should have all accessories (deductions will be applicable for missing accessories)
  4. The device could have normal signs of usage but no noticeable dents or cracks on the body or any components missing
  5. The device should not have iCloud / “Find my iPad” enabled

Model Exchange Price#
iPhone 6s 16GB 20000
iPhone 6s Plus 16GB  20300
iPhone 6s 32GB 21400
iPhone 6s 64GB 22300
iPhone 6S Plus 32GB  23200
iPhone 6s Plus 64GB  24600
iPhone 6s 128GB  26200
iPhone 6s Plus 128GB  27500
iPhone 7 32GB  27500
iPhone 7 128GB  30800
iPhone 7 256GB  32700
iPhone 7 Plus 32GB  34600
iPhone 8 64GB 35000
iPhone 8 Plus 64GB  36300
iPhone 7 Plus 128GB  36500
iPhone 8 256GB  39000
iPhone 7 Plus 256GB  40300
iPhone 8 Plus 256GB  40400
Google Pixel 128 GB  21393
Google Pixel XL LTE 128GB  21533
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual Sim 32GB  27075
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Dual Sim 64GB  28025
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 32GB  30350
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 64GB  31750
Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge 128GB  32700
OnePlus 5T 128 GB  33625
Samsung Galaxy S8 64GB  37375
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 64GB  39225
Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus 128GB  41100
Samsung Galaxy Note8 64GB  49525
Samsung Galaxy Note8 128GB  51375
Samsung Galaxy Note8 256GB  53725

**iCircle is a loyalty platform app run by Apple Premium Resellers at select stores only. ~Screen replacement is offered through insurance service provider Servify through their app (The iCircle), and needs to be activated within 7 days from the date of purchase. Screen Replacement is valid for 6 months only from the device activation date. For Screen Replacement claim, customer needs to login to Servify app or customer portal. The device must be purchased from an Apple Premium Reseller channel partner only.



  1. Screen Protection Plan (“Plan”)

This accidental screen damage protection contract governs the registration and support process for screen (also referred to as display, touch screen, touch panel) damages for Apple iPhones (“Device”) sold by Apple Premium Reseller (“APR”) channels in India & in its original packaging as approved by Apple India Private Limited (“Apple”) and purchased by an eligible Customer. This Plan is not valid for any devices or products that are purchased by a customer post a return from the original customer, and even in unboxed condition or from any other sales channels other than APR channels in India. Service Lee Technologies Private Limited (hereafter “Servify”) reserves the right to discontinue the Plan without any prior notice and at its own discretion.

  1. Plan Period
    1. Period of coverage begins from the activation date of the Device or purchase date of the Device whichever is earlier, and ends on completion of 180 days from the activation date of the Device or purchase date of the Device whichever is earlier
    2. The accidental physical damage protection coverage provided under this Plan is in addition to the coverage provided by the manufacturer’s hardware warranty
  1. Plan Activation Process

The Device must be purchased from a listed APR channel partner for availing benefits under this Plan. The Customer buying a Device from such APR channel partner must register on the iCircle Mobile Application (developed by Capillary Technologies Pvt. Ltd., hereafter referred to as “iCircle App”) within 7 days of purchase or activation of the Device, whichever is earlier and by following the steps explained within the iCircle App under ‘Benefits’ section. Upon successful registration on the iCircle App, the Plan will be activated within one business day, subject to eligibility checks as deemed fit by Servify. It is expressly agreed that the Customer or the APR channels provide their data on the iCircle App on their own and, Servify gets only limited details from iCircle App required for activation of the Plan. Also, Servify bears no responsibility towards any data provided by Customer or by the APR channel partner on the iCircle App, and the same is provided by them on their own; subject to the privacy policy of iCircle App.

  1. Coverage Details
    1. Customer

The purchaser of the Device whose name is mentioned on the original invoice is the Beneficiary of this Plan, referred to here as Customer. The Customer’s spouse, children, parents and siblings or the recipient of the Device as a gift can also be the user of the Device subject to the fulfilment of the conditions mentioned in the terms and conditions detailed here. If the purchaser is a company, Customer shall mean any authorised representative/employee of the company authorised to use the Device.

  1. Benefits Value

Maximum Benefits Value is equivalent to the one time cost incurred for screen replacement, during the Plan Period. Only one Screen Damage Repair Request per Device is allowed during the Plan Period. Any other repairs during the Plan Period or all subsequent repair requests shall be considered as paid repairs only, and the Customer is liable to make payments for such repair requests if undertaken through Servify. In no instance if the Customer chooses not to get the screen damage repaired or is not willing to pay the differential amount applicable for the repair, Servify will refund the Benefits Value to the Customer.

  1. Scope of Coverage

Provided the Device is handed over to Servify or its authorized channels in its entirety during the repair process & that the Customer has submitted all the necessary documents as desired under this Plan and that the Customer has purchased the Device from an APR, the following conditions would be covered. If the Device:

  1. Suffers accidental physical screen damage affecting the functionality of the screen
  2. Suffers damage due to:
    • Acts of god perils, fire, lightening and explosion
    • Damage during riot, strike & malicious damage
  1. Exclusions

The Plan will not cover:

  1. Any damage or repair request raised and reported within 7 days of activation of this Plan
  2. Damage due to intentional act or wilful neglect
  3. Loss or damage arising before/after Plan Period
  4. Loss or damage not reported to Servify within 48 hours of the damage to the Device
  5. Any damage due to hire or loan of the Device to a third party or if ownership is transferred for a consideration to another Person
  6. Damage arising due to unlawful act including Terrorist activity, War, Nuclear Explosion, Radioactive Contamination, Chemical, Biochemical, Biological, Electromagnetic, Cyber Attack
  7. Consequential loss of any kind or description including wear & tear, manufacturing defects
  8. Damage caused by incorrect storage, poor care and maintenance, careless use, gross negligence, incorrect installation and incorrect set-up
  9. Damage covered by supplier, dealer or manufacturer’s limited warranty
  10. Damage caused by (a) a product/accessory that is not supported with the Device, (b) operating the Device outside the permitted or intended uses described in the original manufacturer warranty of the Device, or (c) service (including upgrades and expansions) performed by anyone who is not an Apple Authorized Service Provider, or any failure/damage caused outside the Indian territory
  11. Device with a Serial Number that has been altered, defaced or removed, or has been modified to alter its functionality or capability without the written permission of the original manufacturer of the device
  12. Any Loss or damage under mysterious circumstances including lost or Stolen
  13. Cosmetic damage to the Device including but not limited to scratches, dents and broken plastic on ports and not affecting the functionality of the Device
  14. Third-party products or their effects on or interactions with the Device or the software
  15. Recovery and reinstallation of software programs and Customer data are not covered under this Plan
  16. Costs implicitly or explicitly covered by any manufacturers’, suppliers’ or repairers’ guarantee or warranty
  17. Problems or defects otherwise covered under the original manufacturer’s Warranty/Guarantee
  18. Recalls or modifications to the Device
  19. Accessories used in or with the Device
  20. Replacement of consumable item or accessory like, plugs, batteries, light bulbs, light covers, software and add-on options incorporated in a Device for which the Plan was activated.
  21. Damage resulting from power outage, power surges or dips, fluctuating voltage, inadequate or improper voltage or current
  22. Reception or transmission problems resulting from external causes
  1. Special Exclusions

Servify shall not be liable in respect of loss or damage to Device relating to or caused due to the following:

  1. Damage due to any experiments or tests and/or alterations resulting to any abnormal conditions of the Device
  2. Damage due to mechanical or electrical break down or derangement, unless such loss is an accidental damage and not covered within the Manufacturer’s Warranty
  3. Penalties for delay or detention or in connection with guarantees of performance or efficiency
  4. Damage to the Device which gradually develops flaws, defects, cracks or partial fractures in any part not necessitating immediate stoppage, although at some future time repair or renewal of the parts affected may be necessary
  5. Servify shall not be liable for any loss or damage if:
    1. The Customer is found to be involved in any way in fraudulent or illegal activity of any kind whatsoever related to this Plan or Device and/or
    2. The Plan is activated after 7 days of purchase or activation of the Device, whichever is earlier and/or
    3. Due to the inability of the Customer to submit any information required to assess the eligibility, either at the time of registration of the Plan or Screen Damage Repair Request; or any documents required by Servify for processing same.
  6. The Plan shall also not cover a damage or loss:
    1. For compensation towards damage, if the said Screen Damage Repair Request has already been availed once
    2. Due to the inability of the Customer to submit any registration or Screen Damage Repair Request related documents in order to process the same by Servify
    3. The Customer is found to be involved in any way in fraudulent or illegal activity of any kind whatsoever related to this Plan or the Device
    4. In any action, suit or other proceedings where Servify alleges that by reason of the provisions of the exceptions or exclusions above, any loss, destruction, damage or liability is not covered by this Plan, the burden of proving that such loss, destruction, damage or liability is covered shall be upon the Customer
  1. Screen Damage Repair Process

In the event of a screen damage of the Device, Customer is required to:

  1. Immediately (Not later than 48 Hours from the time of the damage) inform Servify through the Servify App or Servify Web Portal (Collectively “Servify Platform”) detailing how the damage occurred, place of damage, date & time of damage, and any documentary evidence of the damage as per the process listed on the Servify Platform. The screen damage incident and the claims from customer for repairs in totality is referred to as “Screen Damage Repair Request” here.
  2. Submit all Screen Damage Repair Request related documents as mentioned in the Servify Platform within two (2) calendar days of raising the said Screen Damage Repair Request or within the timelines as communicated by Servify
  3. The Screen Damage Repair Request is accepted only if it is lodged post 7 calendar days from the date of activation of the Plan and that the Device was in perfect working condition in those 7 days from the date of activation of the Plan.
  4. The Customer will not handover the Device for repairs at any service center or point of sales, until confirmed by Servify and a valid Screen Damage Repair Request is registered with Servify as per the process defined hereinabove. It is expressly stated that Servify will not be held responsible for fulfilling any repair requests where the device is handed over to a service center or Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) by Customer before the approval from Servify; and any liabilities arising out of such repair requests before the in-principal approval from Servify will be solely handled by the Customer at their own expense.
  1. Screen Damage Repair Request Fulfilment Process
    1. Servify provides Pickup/Drop off (“PUDO”) service during an eligible Screen Damage Repair Request of the Device in select locations, and for the rest the Customer may visit the nearest Apple Authorized Service Provider (AASP) as directed by Servify via its communication channels once such Screen Damage Repair Request has been approved by Servify in-principle, and in writing or via the Servify Platform or on a voice call on the Customer’s registered number. Screen Damage Repair will be performed only at the AASP after verification of the entitlement and validity of the Plan. Once the Customer is notified & that the service is complete, Customer will be notified via the Servify Platform and/or through written communication. The repaired or replaced Device will be delivered to the address provided by the Customer if PUDO service is opted by Customer. In case where the Customer has visited the AASP for Screen Damage Repair Request after the approval from Servify, the Customer may collect the Device post repair or replacement on their own within the stipulated time as per the Apple service policies.
    2. The Customer might also be eligible to get a temporary loaner phone (“Loaner Phone”), determined solely at the discretion of Servify, if (i) the Screen Damage Repair Request is approved by Servify, and (ii) the damaged Device has reached the Apple Authorized Service Provider (“AASP”) recommended by Servify and has cleared the eligibility as per Apple policies. Servify may, at its discretion deny return of the repaired/replaced Device if the Customer is not able to return the loaner phone before collecting the repaired/replaced Device. For more details on eligibility for loaner phone and the terms associated with it, please refer to Annexure A.
    3. Servify reserves the right to change the method by which they may provide repair/replacement service to the Customer, and the eligibility to receive a particular method of service under this Plan. Service options, parts availability and response times may vary according to the city Customer lives in and Servify has no control on the same.
  1. Customer’s Responsibilities

To receive service or support under the Plan, Customer agrees to comply with the following:

  1. Provide a copy of their Device’s original proof of purchase, if requested again
  2. Provide information about the reasons and causes of the damage to the Device
  3. Provide identity proof if requested to verify Customer of the Plan
  4. Respond to requests for information, including but not limited to the Device IMEI, Serial Number, model, version of the operating system and software installed, any peripherals devices connected or installed on the Device, any error messages displayed, actions taken before the Device experienced the damage and steps taken to avoid such damage or malfunction
  5. Follow the instructions Servify gives the Customer, including but not limited to refraining from sending the Device that is not subject to damage protection as per the Plan
  6. Follow the instruction Servify gives the Customer for packing the Device and the shipping instructions if the Customer location is not serviced by Servify’s own PUDO service or its logistics service partners demand such a documentation or packaging.
  7. Take backup and delete the data residing in the Device and turn off ‘Find My iPhone’ feature before submitting the Device for any repair. DURING THE FULFILLMENT OF SCREEN DAMAGE PROTECTION SERVICE, SERVIFY OR THE AASP MAY DELETE THE CONTENTS OF THE DEVICE AND REFORMAT THE STORAGE MEDIA IF NECESSARY. Servify or the AASP will return the Device after the service event or provide a replacement device as per Apple’s service policies. Servify or the AASPs may install the latest software updates as part of hardware service that will prevent the Device from reverting to an earlier version of the operating system as per Apple’s service policies. Third party applications installed on the Device may or may not be compatible or work with the Device as a result of such operating system upgrade or update. Customer will be responsible for reinstalling all other software programs, applications, data and passwords as per their need post such service interventions as part of the Screen Damage Repair Request fulfilment.
  8. Fill & submit the necessary details and the declaration as required for submitting a valid Screen Damage Repair Request
  9. Take precautions to protect the Loaner Phone against damage, loss or abuse while in Customer’s custody.
  10. Return the Loaner Phone as per the Loaner Agreement, mentioned in Annexure A
  1. Limitation Of Liability


  1. General Terms
    1. Servify may subcontract or assign performance of its obligations to third parties but shall not be relieved of its obligations to Customer in doing so
    2. Servify is not responsible for any failures or delays in performing under the Plan that are due to events outside its reasonable control
    3. Customer may be required to perform preventative maintenance on the Device to receive service under the Plan, and update the Servify Mobile Application (“Servify App”) from time to time whenever there is a new version available on the App Store or as advised from Servify from time to time
    4. This Plan is offered and valid only if the Customer is residing in India or the damage to the screen occurred while the Customer is in India
    5. This Plan is not offered to persons who have not reached at least the age of 18 years. This Plan may not be available in all states, and is not available where prohibited by law
    6. In carrying out its obligations Servify may, at their discretion and solely for the purposes of monitoring the quality of their response, record part or all of the calls between Customer and them
    7. Customer agrees that any information or data disclosed to Servify under this Plan is not confidential or proprietary to the Customer. Furthermore, Customer agrees that Servify may collect and process data on Customer’s behalf when it provides its service. This may include transferring Customer’s data to affiliated companies or service providers in accordance with the Privacy Policy of Servify, details of which are available on its website ( has security measures, which should protect Customer data against unauthorized access or disclosure as well as unlawful destruction. Customer will be responsible for the instructions Customer gives to Servify regarding processing of data, and Servify will seek to comply with those instructions as reasonably necessary for the performance of the service and support obligations of Servify under the Plan. If Customer does not agree with the above or if Customer has questions regarding how their data may be impacted by being processed in this way, please contact Servify at the support mediums provided such as or other support channels of Servify communicated from time to time
    8. The terms of the Plan, including the original sales receipt of the Device and the Plan confirmation from Servify, prevail over any conflicting, additional, or other terms of any purchase order or other document, and constitute Customer’s and Servify’s entire understanding with respect to this Plan
    9. Servify is not obligated to renew this Plan. If Servify does offer a renewal, they will determine the price and terms
    10. There is no informal dispute settlement process available under this Plan
    11. In the event any section or portion of a section of these terms and conditions are deemed invalid, void or unenforceable, that section or portion of a section shall be severed & or revised from these terms and conditions, and the remaining terms and conditions shall continue in full force and effect. Servify & Apple does not own the responsibility of the communication for the changes made if any. Revisions in the terms & conditions, if any will be updated on this page.
    12. These terms and conditions shall be governed by and construed under the laws of India
    13. These terms and conditions do not affect Customer’s statutory rights as a consumer, under Consumer Protection Act, 1986.
  1. Support Contact Details:
    1. Servify Customer Service Number: 1800 121 4984
    2. Servify Customer Service Email ID:

Annexure A: 

Loaner Phone Agreement (“Loaner Agreement”)

Service Lee Technologies Private Limited. (“Servify”) is pleased to extend the offer of a loaner phone to the Customer while service is performed on their current Device (“Device”). By taking possession of the equipment identified in section 1 (“Loaner Phone”) and signing this Loaner Agreement, Customer agrees to all the terms and conditions listed below:

  1. Loaner Phone.Customer acknowledges receipt of the Loaner Phone listed below which, at Servify’s discretion, may be new or refurbished or of the same make or brand or otherwise, and agree to return it to Servify at the time of Delivery of the repaired Device or (ii) upon Servify’s written request to do so (each, a “Return Date”):

The Serial Number of the Loaner Phone is listed on the Servify Platform for the service on Customer Device.

From the date on which Customer receives the Loaner Phone through the Return Date, title to the Loaner Phone shall at all times remain vested with Servify.

  1. Failure to Return Loaner Phone. In the event that Customer fails to return the Loaner Phone to Servify by the Return Date (i) all right, title and interest in the Customer Device shall automatically vest in Servify and that the Customer hereby transfers, assigns, and sets over unto Servify, the Customer Device, and Servify may use or dispose of the Customer Device as Servify sees fit; and (ii) Customer will obtain full ownership rights in the Loaner Phone and accept the Loaner Phone provided to them as a full replacement of the Customer Device. All original terms of sale, including the remainder of any Warranty terms still in effect, that applied to the Customer Device shall continue in force and shall apply to the Loaner Phone. 
  2. Extended Return Date.Customer may submit a request to Servify for an extension of up to five (5) days beyond the standard return period which is typically the period which Servify or Apple Authorised Service Provider takes to repair the Device. Customer may submit a request for the extension by contacting Servify at the given support numbers or email identities or Servify Platform through which the Loaner Phone was provided. Upon approval of the five (5) day extension, the extended date will become the Return Date for purposes of these terms, and Customer will be required to return the Loaner Phone by that extended Return Date. All of the terms set forth in this Loaner Agreement will apply to that extended Return Date.
  3. Replacement. In certain cases, Apple may, at its own discretion, decide that replacement of the Customer Device is required (e.g., where repair is not possible). Upon its decision to replace the Customer Device: (i) Customer will return the Loaner Phone to Servify and collect the replacement Device, for which all original terms of sale that applied to the Customer Device, including the remainder of any warranty terms still in effect will apply, except the benefits under the Plan; (ii) provided that Customer returns the Loaner Phone, Customer will obtain full rights of ownership in the replacement Device, and (iii) all right, title and interest in the Customer’s original Device shall automatically vest in Apple and Customer hereby transfers, assigns and sets over unto Servify, the original Device, and Apple may use or dispose of the original Device as Apple sees fit. 
  4. Safeguarding. Customer must take reasonable and prudent precautions to protect the Loaner Phone against damage, loss, or abuse while in their care, custody, and control. If the Loaner Phone is lost, stolen or damaged, Customer must notify Servify immediately. Only Servify may service the Loaner Phone. Customer may be held responsible for repair or replacement costs if the Loaner Phone is lost, damaged, or stolen while on loan or is repaired by any other party other than Servify.
  5. Permitted Use. The Loaner Phone is to be used solely by Customer and the designated Customer while Customer Device is being serviced by Servify (“Service Period”). Customer must not use the Loaner Phone for any unlawful purpose. Only software with valid licenses should be loaded on the Loaner Phone.
  6. Delete Files upon Return of Loaner Phone. Customer acknowledges that before returning the Loaner Phone, they are responsible for erasing all files, including personal and/or confidential files and data, created by them. Therefore, should they wish to retain any files they created, they should backup your files using iTunes or other similar file management capabilities of Customer so that the files can later be transferred to their repaired or replaced Device. Customer is responsible for removing and storing any such files prior to returning the Loaner Phone. Servify is neither responsible nor liable for any files or data remaining on, or erased from the Loaner Phone, following its return.
  7. Installed Software. Customer acknowledges that all software provided with the Loaner Phone is licensed specifically to this Loaner Phone and they will not remove it. Customer also agrees not to copy or otherwise reproduce, reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile any software, the equipment, or components provided with the Loaner Phone.
  8. Servify Liability. To the fullest extent permitted by law, Servify will not be liable for any consequential, incidental, indirect damages arising out of these terms or the use of the Loaner Phone, including without limitation any losses of or affecting Customer’s personal property, software or data. 
  9. Governing Law. This Loaner Agreement is governed by the laws of India and courts of Mumbai will have exclusive jurisdiction over it.

The undersigned has read and understands this Agreement and hereby acknowledges receipt of a copy.

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